DutchForm is inquisitive. We want to know what’s going on in the world. We listen carefully and look around us with an open mind. We encourage and inspire one another and our customers. And we are always gleaning knowledge that can be shared with the affiliated companies.

Social developments are followed closely and technical innovations are exchanged with the members.

How do we handle Corporate Social Responsibility? We also talk to the authorities on behalf of the membership about stimuli and subsidies. The ageing workforce in the sector has featured prominently in the news recently.

DutchForm is always looking for new opportunities for its members. And there is only one way of finding out whether an idea is a good one: research and practical trials. The volatile market means that we must learn through research and trial and error. We want to keep innovating, and the mistakes can also be valuable. Without mistakes, there would be no progress. We ourselves must also keep on developing, because we are working in a world that is changing at lightning pace.

DutchForm is the sector association and point of contact for regulations, CSR, innovation, subsidies and government incentives.

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